"Maybe no man could live up to the myth, but the weak, hapless Henry (J. Scott Shonka) conclusively shatters it..."
                               L.A. TIMES

"Comic relief springs from Shonka, a wildly kinetic actor who does everything possible with a character that barges in and unbalances key moments. Shonka is gifted"
                               DAILY VARIETY

"Shonka effortlessly seesaws between
goofball stoner and hateful xenophobe
and back again"
                               L.A. WEEKLY


"…Without exception, the performances are triumphant. Shonka is appropriately over the top as the pea-brained doper…"
                               BACK STAGE WEST

"…'Buff' is played delightfully by J. Scott Shonka who infuses life and humor into his characters' words and actions…"
                               THE TOLUCAN TIMES